Tattoo Artist - Sally

Inkology Tattoo Design Studio - El Banafseg, 1st settlement, New Cairo, Cairo, Egypt.
Dayra Camp. Ras Shitan, Nuweiba, South Sinai, Egypt
      Phone: +2 0120000 483

My name is Sally Nassar and I am the founder & main tattoo artist at INKOLOGY Tattoo Design Studio.

Since I was young, I have always been attracted to arts in all its forms, drawing was one of my main hobbies but I never really sake neither a study nor a career in arts. I used to be a cabin crew for one of the Middle East’s most prestigious airlines and I owned & managed a few private businesses like a cosy beauty salon in one of Cairo’s busiest streets & a Budget Wedding Gowns online shop for brides in Dubai, the UAE.

I love animals and believe that they enjoy equal rights on this planet, we have Sina, a one year old Cane Corso pup, she is the kindest mastiff you will ever meet. Guaranteed

My story with tattooing began around the end of 2015, I was very keen on learning this art, the idea itself was already very attractive to me as I had several pieces done on me by one of Thailand and Egypt’s finest artists in the field.

I started reading & watching You-Tube tutorials until I received my first kit ever! A beginner tattoo kit for training purposes. I started practicing on fake skin and was not still confident enough to ink real human skin, until early 2017, when I decided that I do not want to be just another tattoo artist, I wanted to start a professional & certified tattoo studio in Egypt that not only offers tattoos but also free consultation, custom designing & raising awareness about different topics related to this art, like: how to choose a design that represents your identity, when is the best time of year to get a tattoo, how to choose the best tattoo shop, etc.

With my husband’s unmatched encouragement & support, I flew to India, New Delhi mid-2017 to earn my accredited tattooing certificate and achieve a dream that has been hanging at the back of my head for almost 2 years. I was very lucky with my choice of the training school, Angel Tattoo Design Studio offered me with everything that I needed and more, starting with the great welcome and care, I instantly felt home & among my family. Satty (the business owner & master tattoo artist/trainer) and his team helped me find a Paying Guest house – a low budget accommodation walking distance from the school – and did their best to speed up my settling in period. From day one, we started an intensive tattoo training course as I had just few weeks before my vacation from work as well as my money run out

Angel Tattoo Design Studio has put me on the right track & helped me be a distinguished artist treating every piece, as a masterpiece!

From the depth of my heart, thank you Satty, Gurjind, Dinesh, Shaanu, Nidhin & Suraj. Till we meet again!

And I thank the great Singaporean noodles shop that saved me on so many days :)

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