Who  We  Are

Inkology Tattoo Design Studio - El Banafseg, 1st settlement, New Cairo, Cairo, Egypt.
Dayra Camp. Ras Shitan, Nuweiba, South Sinai, Egypt
      Phone: +2 0120000 483
Email: inkology.eg@gmail.com

INKOLOGY Tattoo Design Studio is not just another tattoo shop, we exist to immortalize true art on your skin and to help you get the tattoo you’ve always wanted. We help our clients with creative concept tattoo designing, free consultation and professional tattooing services.

INKOLOGY Tattoo Design Studio is a certified business, mainly located in Dayra Camp – South Sinai where we have set our main studio on one of Egypt’s most tranquil beaches. Our clients get to enjoy their tattoo sessions while spending the great vibe of Egypt’s top rated beach camp

Our New Cairo studio has been set up for clients who will not be able to travel to get their tattoos done in our main studio.

We offer all kinds of permanent tattoo services :

  • Free consultation
  • Customized designs
  • Body art
  • Cover ups
  • Modification
  • Stroke by stroke eye brows
  • Standard eye brows tattoo

Here at INKOLOGY Tattoo Design Studio, we take pride in our extreme hygiene standards and our top notch materials’ quality, we only use US imported products that are completely disposable and FDA approved inks for your safety and for your tattoo durability. Some of the brands we rely on are: Skin-Ink, Skin Companion, Dynamic, Raun, Rensow, etc.

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